New Recipes!

Had you forgotten about us?  Just a reminder that the blog you followed months ago is still around, just under a different name!  If you haven’t yet visit the new blog Sweet Hersey Living!  We’ve been so busy creating some of these delights!


We’ve whipped up this delicious Summer Brown Rice Salad

Strawberry Vanilla Bean Cream Tart



We’ve made these incredible Strawberry Vanilla Bean Cream Tarts!


How about some Smokey Chicken Tortilla Soup? Full of chipotle and fire roasted tomatoes! Oh yeah, don’t forget the bacon!



Try a Healthier version of a Pinterest Hit Pesto Chicken Pasta!



These Post Workout Protein Cookies are perfect for a Pre or Post workout boost!


Ava turned 8 and we made the best Candyland Birthday Party for her!!DSC_0054

I’ve been writing posts for Litehouse Foods!  You can find the awesome recipe for these Strawberry Lemon Corn Muffins over at the Living Litehouse Blog!



You can also find these awesome Caramel Coconut Black Bean Brownies!!


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Sweet Hersey Living


You’re missing out!

Ok… If you haven’t been to Sweet Hersey Living you are missing out folks!  Here are some of the latest posts!



We’ve been making fun pizza for the kiddos!


Wild Mushroom and Tomato Sauce!


We’ve been making pasta!!  YES!  Making our own Bacon Leek Ravioli.


Fried Eggplant w/ Ricotta, Basil, and Tomatoes!  These were to die for!!

Coming up this week….


Bacon Wrapped Asparagus w/ a garlicy surprise inside!


We are pouring booze over ice cream.  Yes, booze over ice cream.  It’s been a very fun week!

Stop by Sweet Hersey Living and join the fun!!



New Site!

Just a reminder that Sweet Hersey Kisses has moved to !!

Have you come to pay a visit yet?  If not, here’s just some of what you’re missing!



The ultimate Chick-Fil-A knock offs!  Their secret ingredient has been revealed, you’ll never guess what it is!


Pastistsio!  A lovely Sunday Dinner!


Our $2 roasted garlic appetizer!


My rough day in the kitchen while making this Flourless Chocolate Meringue Cake!  Quite a good laugh with a happy ending…. Cake!

If you haven’t stopped in to see the new place be sure to do so! You just don’t know what you’re missing.  Better layout, better food, better pictures, better blog!

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Come Visit Us!!



We are settled into our new site and ready for visitors!   We have every recipe that Sweet Hersey Kisses carried and even a new one!




Pizza Spaghetti Bake. Oh Yeah!!

Come visit the new place please! Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a thing!

Sweet Hersey Living is waiting for you!


Moving In!!!



Header[1]Folks we have packed our boxes!   We have driven to our new place!!  We have unpacked our boxes!!  We are working on decorating the place and creating the final touches!!


Have you missed me?  I’ve missed you.


Tomorrow we will be giving you all our new address!  We will be officially up and running and ready for visitors!!

It’s going to be great!  Hope yall come to see the place!

We Are Moving!!

We are moving!!!

The blog, not the family.  The new site is still in disaster setup mode but will be complete in under a week!!  All of our recipes, crafts, and family fun posts will be there!  Don’t worry, we will be reunited once again!

The next time you see us we will be giving you the link to our new home!  You will love it we promise!

It is simple. Beautiful. Professional.

In order to accomplish everything I have in mind for the new site I need to take a few days off to complete the set up.

When I get back I hope to bring you to the site along with me!

Until then, you may notice posts and recipes disappearing.  Do not be alarmed, you will have access to our NEW recipe box very soon!

Hold Tight Folks!

We’ll be right back!!

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